Convert String to Date field within Kibana

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I'm looking to add a new date field to sort by within Kibana. Currently, messages are sorted based on the default @timestamp, but I would like to be able to sort on an additional field. The date I am passing in is currently matched to the SYSLOGTIMESTAMP grok filter into a field. That field is currently represented as a string. Does it have to be specially formatted to be converted to a date field from within Kibana?


Upon further research, it looks like I can use the date filter:
Converting string to date

So, I would like additional support if possible. My date would currently be formatted as MMM dd HH:mm:ss, will this field now be converted without replacing the @timestamp field if I do the following?
date { match => ["field_name", "MMM dd HH:mm:ss"] }

Of course assuming the grok{} filter correctly parses the messages into their respective fields, would this work?

If you use the date filter with default configs it will replace the @timestamp field. You can change the target field however,

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