Convert unix to standard date/time with milliseconds

Elasticsearch 5.6
Logstash 5.6

I have a log that is created with the below field:
unixTime: 1507655093
I am using the below logstash config to parse the date into the @timestamp field:
date { match => ["unixTime", "UNIX"] }
My result is returns a date formatted as:

What I expected was to get a date with the milliseconds included. Having all the events that could fire in a second all wrapped into the same timeframe is not ideal for log analysis.

Am I missing something simple to get logstash to output the Epoch with milliseconds?

It appears your unixTime field doesn't provide millisecond resolution. I pasted it at and got: GMT: Tuesday, October 10, 2017 5:04:53 PM, exactly as you get from the date filter.

If your unixTime field value did provide millisecond resolution, you could use UNIX_MS instead of UNIX, and it would capture the milliseconds.

Thank you. I will try to get the application, osquery, to give me more
granular times.

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