Convert values in kv-pairs (using ruby filter)

Hi there!
There was a topic already for that:
but the solution no longer works due to syntax changes in new version.
Could anyone please advise what it should look like now?
old syntax looks like this:

ruby{ code => " kv = event['kvpairs'] kv.to_hash.keys.each { |k| if kv[k].include? '.' kv[k] = kv[k].to_f else kv[k] = kv[k].to_i end } " }

You have to use event.get/set now. And in case you ever have non-numerics in the set...

            kv = event.get('kvpairs')
            kv.to_hash.keys.each { |k|
                if kv[k].to_i.to_s == kv[k]
                    kv[k] = kv[k].to_i
                if kv[k].to_f.to_s == kv[k]
                    kv[k] = kv[k].to_f
            event.set('kvpairs', kv)

Thanks @Badger !
But now there is another error:

Ruby exception occurred: undefined method `to_hash' for nil:NilClass

Is the field actually called kvpairs? Doing a event.get on that returned nil.

Yes it was. I have found what was wrong, instead of to_hash now it should be to_h

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