Converting a new field


In my logstash filter I created a new field with a condition which works.

if "ntf" in [entities][sdn]{

Now, this VNFc field appear with a "?" in Kibana, so it can't be use for a control visualization ... I tried to put :

mutate {convert => {"VNFc" => "string"}}

But if the field is created after the parsing I guess it can't work.
[entities][sdn] is a string field though, but VNFc isn't.

Ty for your help :slight_smile:

If you do a refresh on the index pattern in Kibana does it fix that?

no it doesn't

I even created a new index to test

Ok i commented a line which was :

#mutate{split => { "[entities][sdn]"=>"/"}

and it worked, thanks for your response though

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