Converting string(Time) field to date field...!

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I've a Time field in my log file which is a string type, i want that field to be date field.

#my logstash filter config file
value_split => "="
date {
match => ["Time","yyyy-MM-dd_HH:mm:ss.SSS"]
target => "time"

#A sample line of data in my log file
{"Metrics":"type=METER, name=systems.ellora.core.exception.UnhandledRuntimeMapper, count=0, mean_rate=0.0, m1=0.0, m5=0.0, m15=0.0, rate_unit=events/second, Time=2017-08-16_02:54:59.054"}

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Any kind of help is appreciated.

(Magnus Bäck) #3

There was a thread about this exact problem yesterday.

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Thanks for your reply @magnusbaeck.
There's a doubt araised when i tried the example in elastic website.
When we use date logstash filter what is happening in behind it, whether it parses our input or converting our input to date type?
It doesnt seems to be converting the input, just parses in my perspective.
Correct me if im wrong.
Thanks in advance.

(Magnus Bäck) #5

Logstash only sends JSON to Elasticsearch. How Elasticsearch interprets the contents of each field is up to how the mapping of each field have been configured. If no mapping exists for a field ES will usually let its automapper add a suitable mapping based on the field contents.

The field contents produced by the date filter will be recognized as a date by ES, but if the field already has been mapped as a string the field will remain a string.

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