Cookie based auth x-pack

I would like to allow site visitors to view kibana charts. I need something like custom realm to read site cookies and determine which permissions user have. Is it possible to achieve? Are there any existing solutions ? Thanks.

i am not aware of any such solution, but i might be wrong.

could you try to further explain your use case and what would be your expectations?


I need to provide users some statistics. For now I can't guess how exactly user will access it. Most likely I will place a link on a web page which will point user to a dashboard (or embed somehow dashboard or specific chart on a web page). In this case user should be restricted to perform only read only actions. Also charts should be hidden from anonymous access. Some charts can be user specific, so I need to know which user is trying to access resource and to adjust charts on the fly (if it is possible). To perform security integration of kibana (kibana charts) to website I am planning to use site cookies, allowing kibana to read them.

are you using xpack to secure your kibana instance ?

both elastic and kibana are secured with x-pack

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