Coordinating Node and ELB

(Praetor) #1

I have a odd requirement where we need both ELB (Fronting EC2 Master/Data Nodes) and a Coordinating Node.

In this scenario, would the Coordinating Node need to be added to the ELB?

(Loren Siebert) #2

If I understand you correctly, yes. How else would the coordinating node receive requests from the ELB?

(Praetor) #3

Thanks. I should have clarified a bit more on the architecture.
I currently have THREE master+data nodes fronted by ELB. I'm now adding a FOURTH coordinating-only node so I can use Curator and for Curator Purposes only - since my understanding is CO node is meant for loadbalancing thus negating the need for front it with a Load Balancer.

In this scenario, would CO node would need to be fronted with an ELB? (More to the point, can Curator directly point to the CO thus invalidating the need to front the CO node with an ELB)? (

(Loren Siebert) #4

You don't need the ELB then. Just send everything to the coordinator node.

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