Copy only Index Mapping from one cluster to another without the data


I have a cluster which has index mappings and data in it.

I'm currently creating a new cluster where I have different set of data which need to be ingested with the same mappings like in the previous cluster.

So, how can I copy the mappings of an index from one cluster to another without copying the data.

Can you please suggest me a way for it.

Thanks in Advance.

You can do a GET indexname/_mapping and then put it on the new cluster. That's probably the easiest.

Thanks for the suggestion Walkom.

I'm already aware about this option, but it's kind of a manual task doing for individual index separately when having a cluster with multiple number of indexes.

Hence, I'm looking out for an alternative option than this.

Do suggest me if you know any other way.

Thanks in Advance.

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