Copy/Rename multiple field in the same field + adding multiples field to one field

Hello every body,
I have two question about the mutate filter:
The first one is about adding a0,a1 and a2 fiels that contain the process args to a same field [process][args] (process.args=a0,a1,a2) how i can do it ?
The second one is about renaming multiples field example (gid, sid, uid) with the same name [user][id].

THANKS in advance for the help

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It is really not clear what you are asking. Can you show, using JSON, for example, the before and after of what you want in the two cases?

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Hello Badger,
Thanks for you reply, I apologize because the question was not clear to you.
For the first question my goal was to have a field (process.args) that concatinate the value of a three fields a0, a2 and a3
The issue was resolved by adding the filter bellow
I puted:

filter {
mutate {
add_field => "{" [process] [args] "=>"% {a0}% {a1}% {a2} "}"
For the second one it was about having two fields sid, uid that i wanted to point to the same field (> mutate{
copy => {"sid" => "[user][id]"}
copy => {"suid" => "[user][id]"}
The error was bypassed by converting the sid and suid field to the exported field of auditbeat [auditd][data][gid] and [auditd][data][suid] but i am not sure if those two field are conforms of the ECS
mutate {

copy => {"sid" => "[auditd][data][gid]"}
copy => {"suid" => "[auditd][data][suid]"}

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The ECS fields for auditd are documented here. That document uses field.subfield notation, not logstash-style [field][subfield]

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Thanks Badger that was helpful

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