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I am taking snapshot of elasticsearch, everyday it is taking incremental snapshots. But the problem is every time i am moving 300 + Gib of date to other location. It is cost consuming.
Can i only move the snapshot and metadata file?

    4.0K	index
    325G	indices
    du: cannot read directory ‘lost+found’: Permission denied
    16K	lost+found
    4.0K	metadata-snapshot-08-10-2017-20-10
    4.0K	metadata-snapshot-09-10-2017-00-10
    4.0K	metadata-snapshot-09-10-2017-04-10
    4.0K	metadata-snapshot-09-10-2017-08-10
    4.0K	snapshot-snapshot-08-10-2017-20-10
    4.0K	snapshot-snapshot-09-10-2017-00-10
    4.0K	snapshot-snapshot-09-10-2017-04-10
    4.0K	snapshot-snapshot-09-10-2017-08-10 

From this above data, Indices shows 325 GiB. So can i only copy

these files, and will it work if i am going to restore?
Since copying 325 GiB everytime is costly in AWS.

Thank you in advance.

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