Correlation rules not working

I was trying to test some of the prebuilt elastic detection rules with my Beat-Elasticsearch-Kibana setup. All other rules with simple query was working but the rules with event correlation was not working. I tried all possible troubleshooting and research but couldn't get to the conclusion.

Below is the query I was trying to test with required data from winlogbeat, sysmon.
query = '''
registry where event.type in ("creation", "change") and
registry.path : ("HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet\Control\Print\Monitors\",
\Print Processors\") and : "
.dll" and
/* exclude SYSTEM SID - look for changes by non-SYSTEM user */
not : "S-1-5-18"

My setup- Winlogbeat-Elasticsearch-Kibana.

Can someone please help here?

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