Corrupt index, checksum failed


I was using Elasticsearch v1.2.2 on Ubuntu 14.04 x64 with SSD. I have one
index 'myindex' with around 100k of not so complex documents plus indices
that Marvel generates.

Recently I started getting such kind of errors:

It looks like shards become unassigned after some time and fail to assign

I've taken these steps:

  • set index.routing.allocation.disable_allocation to false
  • increased heap size from 1 GB to 16 GB
  • increased number of shards
  • individual insert instead of of bulk insert
  • updated Elasticsearch from 1.2.2 to 1.3.2
  • started two instances of ES with 8 GB of heap each and 1 replica one
    the same machine
  • deleted index
  • provided gateway.recover_after_nodes and gateway.expected_nodes
    settings in config
  • reduced heap size to 4 GB per node

I've also noticed that shards of Marvel's indices become unassigned too.

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