Corrupted index after the amazon network issue

Hi Team,

We had a 3 node ES cluster and that has been hosted on AWS . We can see below error message, after the amazon network connectivity issue( see which is happen on today. Could you please advise how I can bring up the cluster again to good state, without any data?

[ ] [ [.marvel-2015.03.19][0] Failed to open / find files while reading metadata snapshot
[2017-02-10 01:54:54,379][WARN ][index.engine.internal ] [.marvel-2015.03.16][0] failed engine [corrupted preexisting index]
org.apache.lucene.index.CorruptIndexException: [.marvel-2015.03.16][0] Preexisting corrupted index [corrupted_Jja1GRiPTFyzm4G_tuEvsg] caused by: CorruptIndexException[codec footer mismatch: actua
l footer=1431655765 vs expected footer=-1071082520 (resource: NIOFSIndexInput(path="/es-data/prod-evs01/nodes/0/indices/.marvel-2015.03.16/0/index/_83k_es090_0.doc"))]

One file was corrupted under the /nodes/0/indices/.marvel-2015.03.16/0/index/_83k_es090_0.doc .please let me know how to recover this file or how i can delete this file and reindex again ??

You can either delete the .marvel-2015.03.16 index (and lose the corresponding data) or restore it again from a snapshot if you've done regular backups.

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