Corrupted messages when using PGSQL protocol

(jan kaufman) #1

We are using packetbeat version 6.2.4 to log all SQL requests.
The relevant part of configuration is:

  enabled: false

- type: pgsql
  ports: [5432]
  send_request: true
  send_response: false

Those requests are logged and we can see them using kibana.
The problem is that every message containing character ; is corrupted.
That means data after this ; are dropped.
I think there's a problem with packetbeat which thinks that there are more than one SQL statements and tries to create document for every of them.
for example:

(samsung SM-G950F; OS Android 8.0.0, api 26, base: ; pol)

get's logged as:

(samsung SM-G950F

the rest of message is lost.

Is there any way this can be mitigated?
If not should I create bug report on GITHUB?

Thank you

(Carlos PĂ©rez Aradros) #2

Hi @kauf,

Thank you for your feedback! This looks a lot like a bug, I think it would be best if you create a new issue:

Best regards

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