CORS multi-value response headers don't work in IE


i've installed the latest version 7.12. of elasticsearch on windows.
While trying out a multi search api call from my local live server with XHR i got the same problem that had already been reported here:

GitHub Issue 19841

When Internet Explorer 11 does a call using HTTP Method "OPTIONS" with CORS-Headers,
elasticsearch answers with multiple headers instead of a comma separated list inside one Header. Internet Explorer denies the call due to CORS constraints.

The URL i use is:


May i post an issue on GitHub for that?!


Similar topic on StackTrace:

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Since this is my first attempt to discuss a possible bug i'm not sure:

  • Is this the right place for the post?
  • Should i post it somewhere else (GitHub issues should be "verified" )?
  • Or should i only be more patient? :slight_smile:

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