CORS required to connect to Elastic Cloud?

Hi All. I recently received a notice from the Elastic Cloud team saying they are changing the way they set up cross origin resource sharing on clusters:

Elasticsearch Service clusters provisioned on Elastic Cloud prior to January 25th, 2019 have a CORS policy set at the proxy layer. This is now deprecated, and we will be moving to a model that requires customers to configure their ownhttp module CORS policy to their needs. These settings are configurable asElasticsearch user settings for a cloud deployment. This is applicable for all clusters.

I'm trying to figure out if this affects me and if I need to make changes to my setup. Basically, I connect to my Elasticsearch instance using Django Elasticsearch DSL (GitHub - django-es/django-elasticsearch-dsl: This is a package that allows indexing of django models in elasticsearch with elasticsearch-dsl-py.), which relies on Elasticsearch DSL (Elasticsearch DSL — Elasticsearch DSL 8.11.0 documentation). I don't believe I need to enable CORS in my settings, but I just want to verify with others that are in this situation.


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