Couchdb river index performance slows down after a few hours


I asked about this long ago and got no traction so I thought let me try
again but with new info. We are trying to import ~400m docs from couchdb
to ES using the couchdb-river. Things start out super fast (2,000 docs/s
according to bigdesk) but after a few hours (4-12 hr) it will fall down to
50 docs/s. Restarting ES and boom back to the fast indexing. I am using
the following settings for couchdb river

    "bulk_size": "2500",
    "bulk_timeout": "40ms"

And I have tuned (i think) ES to be as fast as possible for the indexing.
I have followed the info
already and set number_of_shards: 20, number_of_replicas:
0, indices.memory.index_buffer_size: 65 in attempts to help the indexing.
The box is also pretty beefy, its a m1.xlarge with a 2000IOPS EBS mounted
to it and I am using the ES cookbook so it already setup the HEAP
correctly. Watching things like disk and cpu have power to spare.

Any idea what I am missing? I am pretty sure others have used the
couchdb-river to import large number of docs at decent speed.


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