Could not cast or convert from System.String to Nest.CompletionField

Elasticsearch.Net and Nest 6.4.2

I am trying to implement completion suggestor in ASP.NET.

However, I am getting an exception error

Error converting value "200 1/2 E 111TH PL" to type 'Nest.CompletionField'. Path suggest.completion#address-suggest[0].options[0]._source.street_addr', line 29, position 50.

Here is my controller

var responsedata = _connectionToEs.EsClient().Search<address>(s => s
                                         .Suggest(ss => ss
                                            .Completion("address-suggest", cs => cs
                                                .Field(f => f
                                                    .Fuzzy(f => f

Here is my POCO

   public class address
        public CompletionField street_addr { get; set; }

My objective is to do autocomplete for addresses. Can anyone tell me what is wrong?

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