Could not create ml job based on rollup job index


Im using Elasticsearch Service in cloud version 7.9.2.

Im trying to create a machine learning job based on an index created from a rollup job that counts the number of requests per webservice.

I first create a rollup job that launches every minute with a buket of 10s, here is the config:


When I create my machine learning job with a buket of 60s I throw the following error:

Bad Request: [illegal_argument_exception] Rollup capabilities do not have a [date_histogram] aggregation with an interval that is a multiple of the datafeed's interval.

i found that in the documentation :

The bucket span of your anomaly detection job must be divisible by the value of the calendar_interval or fixed_interval in your aggregation (with no remainder).

But my configuration still not work. Have I missed anything?

Rollup indices and index patterns cannot be used in machine learning jobs or datafeeds. This limitation applies irrespective of whether you create the jobs in Kibana or by using APIs. In Kibana, if you select an index, saved search, or index pattern that uses the Rollup feature, the machine learning job creation wizards fail.

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