Could not resolve org.elasticsearch:elasticsearch:5.5.2-SNAPSHOT

(Alice) #1

ElasticSearch Version: 5.5.2
OS: Windows

When I use grdle to build elasticsearch source code, I get a unknown problem, like this:

  • What went wrong:
    Could not determine the dependencies of task ':benchmarks:javadoc'.

Could not resolve all task dependencies for configuration ':benchmarks:compile
Could not resolve org.elasticsearch:elasticsearch:5.5.2-SNAPSHOT.
Required by:
project :benchmarks
Unable to find a matching configuration of project :core: None of the co
nsumable configurations have attributes.

Anyone can help me?

(Ryan Ernst) #2

What branch are you trying to build? Can you put the entire output of your build into a gist or pastebin?

(Alice) #3

Thanks. Where can I download the standard elasticsearch source code? Maybe I got wrong.

(Ryan Ernst) #4

(Alice) #5

Ok, thanks a lot.

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