Could this be a bug? Not CRLF but LF is used in metricbeat.yml of Windows package


Because GitHub issue template suggests questioning here first, I'm opening this topic.

Would anyone please authorize this is worth being recorded to GitHub issue as a bug or at least a valuable feature request?



Builtin notepad is useless when modifying metricbeat.yml due to LF usage there, i.e. Configuration of metricbeat requires 3rd-party text editor (e.g. notepad++) on Windows.


Exact steps

  1. Follow Installation guide.
  2. Open C:\Program Files\Metricbeat\metricbeat.yml using notepad.

Current result

I can't modify the metricbeat.yml because all lines are wrapped into one line.

Expected result

I can modify the metricbeat.yml.

Code to look at

I'm not familiar with golang but it'd be probably possible to insert LF-to-CRLF conversion into windowsModulesDir and windowsReferenceConfig.

Indeed, it's a fair request. Please go ahead an open an issue on Github:

I assume this problem effects all of the Beats.

Thank you! I posted this HERE.

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