Count impressions with Winlogbeat

Hello everyone,

I am coming to you because I am facing a problem.

I am using ELK and Winlogbeat, I have enabled print service logging on a server and I want to do a Dashboard to track impressions.

After some research all the information is available to make this dashboard.

I need to make a sum to have the printing total which is reported in winlog.user_data.Param8.

This is when the problems start, the field is of type keyword and it is therefore impossible for me to do calculations on it.

I tried several things at the level of the index to pass it in length but without result.

Do you have a lead so that I can use this field to do some calculations with?

The ideal would be to add a field when sending the style log:

If event.action = printing of a document and event.code = 307:
add in the Pages_printer field (which would be of type long) = winlog.user_data.Param8

Thank you in advance for your help.


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