Count total number of words from all documents from a specific field accordingly

Hello and good day!

Someone asked this question but no one seems answered or tried to suggest techniques: Count the Number of words in the field Elastic search 6.2

Now, I'm trying to produce a report from Elasticsearch to count the number of WORDS / TOKENS from a specific field called content

Is there a proper aggregation for this?

For example, I have this query:

GET web/_search
                 "query":"((\"Mayor Isko\") AND (\"Isko Moreno\") AND (\"Manila\" OR \"Divisoria\")) OR ((\"Mayor Isko Moreno\" OR \"Mayor Vico Sotto\") AND (\"Manila\" OR \"Pasig\"))"

And for example, this query produced 23 DOCUMENTS, I want to make a response telling me how MANY words does those 23 documents contain?

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