Counting instances per day

Hi All,

We have some documents where an id code is logged against a day. Something like:-

id: 12345,
date: 09-09-2019

Where 12345 changes and there are a bunch of documents each day.

We want to count the number of times an id code is present in the last X days, 7 for example. Ideally we would have a report where, for each day present in the date filter chosen, it would give a line showing how often each asset was seen in the last X days. That might not be the clearest of explanations so I've included a table showing what we'd like:-

12345 23456 34567 45678
01-09-2019 1 1
02-09-2019 1 2 2
03-09-2019 2 3 3 1
04-09-2019 3 4 4 2
05-09-2019 5 3
06-09-2019 3 6 4

Basically there's two core things to achieve here.

  1. Look back 7 days and see the number of times a document is present
  2. Pivot the ID's up onto the columns instead of them being rows

Any ideas on how I can get Kibana to do this?

Thanks in advance


The closest feature to this is the Machine Learning data frame transforms which lets you create pivots. It might be possible to create a similar query using SQL in the Canvas tool, or by using an ETL tool

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