CPU from Windows


I'm trying to save CPU metric to elastic with using Topbeat.

Is there any filed that match the "CPU % Utilization" from Task Manger (also same value as "% Processor Time" from Performance Monitor)?

What I have found out is that the "cpu.system_p" is the same value as the "% Privileged Time" (from Windows Performance Monitor) and "cpu.user_p" is the same value as "%User Time" (from Windows Performance Monitor).

cpu.system_p + cpu.user_p equals the CPU from the Task Manager. So I know how to get the total CPU usage, but shouldn't be a field for that already?


It seems to me that it would be nice to have a cpu.total and cpu.total_p field (similar applies to Metricbeat). We have a total for processes.

@monica what do you think about this? Any reason we shouldn't have this field?

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