CPU usage values are not accurate

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We are using Metricbeat to verify the CPU and Memory usage reports of few Windows servers by using Kibana dashobards. We are using Field “system.memory.used.pct” for memory usage which is giving the accurate values. But for CPU utilization report we are using field “system.cpu.system.pct” which is not giving accurate value as the real CPU usage in those servers. Sometime the values goes above 100% (how can the CPU usage go above 100% ) and some times below of it but still its not matching with the real CPU usage of that server. Are we using the correct field “system.cpu.system.pct” for CPU usage reports or is there anything we need to edit to get it corrected?

Hello! Sorry for the late response. My understanding is "system.cpu.system.pct" can be over 100% since it is across all cores. Are you looking for "system.cpu.system.norm.pct" instead?

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Hi Kaiyan,

yes i got it now. its working as per my requirement. Thanks for the help.

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