CPU high on Elastic cloud, instance almost stuck

Hi guys, I'm looking for some hint. Starting from this morning my ES instance (aws.data.highio.i3 2GB ram on Elastic cloud) is almost stuck with high load on cpu as you can see from screenshots.
It seems there is no load on indexes.

I hope in your hints because I can't see what I can do to reduce the load and to return to normal values I always had in previous months.


I'd suspect https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch/issues/61512 since you're running 7.9.0. A temporary workaround is to restart the nodes, and a permanent fix will be included in 7.9.1.

Oh, thanks very much. I was really worried about the situation. I'll go with a restart and I hope a fix will be released soon!

Am I the only one experiencing this issue in a ES production environment?


You wont be the only one. v7.9.1 will probably be available very soon judging by the github project / pull requests.

No, we have seen this in other production environments. It's rather a slow leak (it flew under the radar during testing) so it shouldn't need very frequent restarts to mitigate. We're actively working on releasing a fixed version ASAP.


@Daniele_Renda just to let you know that 7.9.1 is now released and we recommend that you upgrade. If you're still having problems after the upgrade then please get back in touch.

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Thanks, I already did the upgrade and it seems it works well so far.

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