CPU thread info metrics


Is there any metrics that collects CPU thread related information. I couldn't find anything related to thread under cpu metricset fields.


HI @Ishaan

Metricbeat will collect down to the process level.

Threads within the process would typically come from the app level, jmx etc.

Depending on the technology / language you are using there may be different methods to expose that data.

What are you using?


I have deployed metricbeat agent on our multiple linux and windows server, and we are collecting CPU and memory related metrics out it. So I was wondering if there's a way to collect thread level info using any metricsets because different servers running different technologies and languages.

We just want to collect system wide info across windows and linux.


You can collect process level stats

1 process may have many threads, threads are internal to the process metricbeat does not collect / monitor them.

See Here for processes

Note :

"Process execution data (state, memory, cpu, cmdline) should be available for an authorized user.

If the beats process is running as less privileged user, it may not be able to read process data belonging to other users. The issue should be reported in application logs:"

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