Unable to Visualise Metricbeat system.process.CPU data

Running Metricbeat v6 RC1 (trialling the perfmon counter functionality), but have Metricbeat reporting metrics at a process level also, note I have "top n" selected as well as specifiying a few processes the idea was that I want the values for those processes in addition to any process that appears as a top 5 in memory or CPU:

#------------------------------- System Module -------------------------------
- module: system
  enabled: true
  period: 15s
    - cpu             # CPU usage
    #- load            # CPU load averages (linux only)
    - memory          # Memory usage
    - network         # Network IO
    - process         # Per process metrics
    - process_summary # Process summary
    #- core           # Per CPU core usage
    - diskio          # Disk IO
    #- socket         # Sockets and connection info (linux only)

  processes: ['x1.exe', 'x2.exe', 'x3.exe', 'x4.exe', 'x5.exe', 'x6.exe', 'x7', 'x8.exe', 'x9.exe', 'x10.exe', 'x11.exe']
    by_cpu: 5      # include top 5 processes by CPU
    by_memory: 5   # include top 5 processes by memory
  # Configure the metric types that are included by these metricsets.
  cpu.metrics:  ["percentages"]  # The other available options are normalized_percentages and ticks.

  # Configuring a less frequent disk monitor
- module: system
  enabled: true
  period: 1m
    - filesystem      # File system usage for each mountpoint
    - fsstat          # File system summary metrics

Have all the data in Elastic, and see the fields in Kibana (4.5.4)

Filtering Kibana by metricset.name:process I see about 20 entries per 15seconds,

filtering by the required system.process.cpu.total.pct and system.process.cpu.norm.pct metrics I see:

All looks good, now when I try and visualise this in Kibana it completely ignores the system.process.cpu.norm.pct and only provides a unusual system.process.cpu.total.pct (100%) value for a couple of the system.process.names.

If I view system.process.cpu.total.pct I see the expected block of 100% with Max Aggregation selected

Now if I break this down by process.name.raw I only get a couple of processes but with very strange values, especially the flat baseline of 100% (8 core system) for only 2 processes and everything seems to be in blocks of 100% and does not show the myriad of processes being monitored and the varied CPU values. I choose MAX aggregation as I want to see the real peaks.

If I select Average Value I see something that might be more plausible for an 8 core system but it only shows data for a few process names:

Note "the area may only contain partial data"

Maybe this is a problem with using "cpu.Total" on an 8 core system, so I try the normalised Field and get a blank screen even though the values are there!

By contrast the various "system.process.memory" metrics seem to display just fine whether using Average or Max aggregation:

Any idea what I'm doing wrong with the CPU stats?

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