Create a new index from existing one and add new fields to the new index

I am creating an index on elastic search which has fields appgroupid, appid.
But i need to add appgroupname and appname fields to this index.

I have an hashmap of appgroupid to appgroupname and appgroupid to appgroupname.

Once the first index is created, is there a way to create another index from index1 and add extra fields, whose values are derived from the hashmap based on approgroupid and appid.


You might want to check out the following blog post on reindex and update_by_query:

Hope this helps,

Thanks Isabel for the pointers. _reindex feature is in 2.3.0 release. Our current system is using 2.2.0, what are the options in 2.2.0 release?

Nothing internal, you would need to write code to handle it externally.