Create a watch with multiple actions each with a different condition

Is it possible to create a watch with multiple actions where each action has a different condition that triggers for execution? The use case is service logs stored in Elasticsearch are monitored for errors and tier 1 support is to be notified by email if the number of errors per hours is above a certain threshold. However if the number of errors spikes to more than five times the threshold an email needs to go out to tier 2 support as well as management. I know this could be done in two watches but would rather not have to worry about keeping the query logic in sync between the two.



Since version 5.0 you can have conditions inside of each action, you see an example here, which uses an additional condition in the notify_pager action.


Thanks Alex,

I’m using version 2.1.2 but will a 5.x migration is on our roadmap

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