Create aliases for indicies and fields through GUI


I am trying to create an alias for three indices, as well as a field alias for them, so that I can use a control on a dash that can filter the data without resulting in no information being displayed for the indices that aren't relevant to the filter (I know there is a setting to only apply filters to visualizations that contain the relevant data, but I've been told we cannot apply it for reasons I do not know). I know how to create the aliases through the kibana console, but I do not have privileges to do so for our production version. I've inquired how I should go about creating the aliases, and was pointed towards the index templates, but have been unable to do anything meaningful with that direction (it does not even seem made for that, but maybe I've just misunderstood). Could someone point me in the proper direction for creating index and field aliases through the GUI - no console - or let me know if this is not possible? Or if you have another suggestion for filtering the data on indices without affecting the visualizations of other indices, I'd appreciate that too.

Thanks in advance.

If your account doesn't have the privilege to create an index alias through the console (Dev Tools?), I'm not sure how switching to a UI for alias creation will help. I assume you have a login account to get into Kibana - all the actions you take in a GUI use your authentication in the requests to ES and have the privileges of that login account.

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