Create an historical

Hi, I want to create an historical with kibana.
For example, in my Json I want to change many fields for an ID always rest the same.
And Day by day we can show the differents changing.

I have insert this differents lines for testing but kibana count many times the line and not only once.

It is really possible or not ?

Thanks for your help

I'm not understanding what you mean here. Can you give more details as to what you're wanting to accomplish, maybe even including screenshots or sketches? Thanks!

Yes, I will explain a little more.

Here I have for the same ID or UUID, 2 lines. The first with just a timestamp and a output index and the second with more fields.

Now I want for an other line the same ID or UUID but with a timestamp differents and maybe other fields differents like timestamp at the 20th April.

Kibana will delete the line at the 19th and keep the line at the 20th, but I want the both lines, for have always the differents step of this ID or UUID.

Sorry, I'm not sure about my explanation is very clearly or my English is very correct.

What do you mean by "Kibana will delete the line at the 19th and keep the line at the 20th"? Kibana shouldn't be deleting any of your data.

I have add a line today which is

I add the same line at tommorow and the first disappear and it rest the last line load

Here we can see that, the first line dosn't exist anymore. However I want see the both lines and if I add the same line many times in the same day but at differents hours, I want Kibana count only once the line with the same ID in the day. And by this means have an historical like a table of historisation in SQL you know what I mean like that?

Seems to me that you're updating the original record instead of storing a new record. Because you're doing this, the original record is lost (even in Elasticsearch). Why not just store a new record instead of updating the original?

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