Create and edit elasticseaarch index

I have created an index with default mapping. In my case, I need to search data with special characters like čćš, and nested data up to 3 levels.


  1. Is it possible to override default settings, analyzer and filters for special characters and auto-complete and map all types to enable filter, nested data, and disable unused data?
  2. If I create new index and clone all docs from first index to second index is it possible to automatically change second index when is first index changed from backend side?
  3. Can I do mapping on client side js or I need to do mapping from kibana console?

Special Characters should not be a problem so what do you want to override? Elastic can easily search for čćš etc.

Not as far as I am aware, whats the usecase? Why dont you sent the data to two indices if you want an identical copy?

Yes you can send mappings via the Mapping API. You dont need the kibana console for any of it, the console just sends the right API calls in the background.

When a new index is created, if no mapping, Elasticsearch does default mapping. Can I change this default mapping for existing field with my own mapping with a filter for čćš and autocomplete, and change types for fields?

There is no default mapping, if you don't define a mapping yourself it will default to dynamic mapping. It will just add all the fields you send to it automatically. Only way to avoid this is giving it an explicit mapping before adding the fields. Default mappings were removed in about 7.X

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