Create and import kibana visualization using API

  1. I created a kibana visualization using kibana interface and i tried to import it via Postman
    GET http://localhost:9200/.kibana/visualization/test1
    but i get this response
    "_index": ".kibana_1",
    "_type": "visualization",
    "_id": "test1",
    "found": false

  2. I want to know how can I create an index patern and a kibana vizualisation using API.

If I understand correctly, you want to create an Index Pattern for Kibana. An index pattern can include a wildcard to match multiple index names in Elasticsearch.

Here is an example from the reference to create an index pattern using the REST API. . In the example, the my-pattern-* index pattern in Kibana will match Elasticsearch indexes named my-pattern-0 , my-pattern-1 , my-pattern-2 , etc.

You can also watch the API calls in your browser's developer tools as you save a visualization to see how the payload gets sent.

Importing them would be via saved objects API


thanks for your reply,
in fact, I want to analyze the log file and generate a visualization for them. I did that manually, I mean I sent the logs via logstash and generate a curve from the data, but now I want to do it all programmatically, so I thought about API.

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