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Greetings, I am new to ELK I am not getting it through the tutorials please help me in it. As I want to monitor different servers(5 Servers) So I want to know as to observe the servers live do i Need more than 1 Node? and also how to create replica Shards? For Using ELK Stack on live Server Is important to have replica Shard? Is it compulsory to have more than 1 Node to create replica Shards. If yes than How to create different Nodes?

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A single Elasticsearch node can most likely handle data from 5 servers. If you want your setup to be highly available you will however need at least 3 Elasticsearch nodes. If you only have a single node, no replica shards will be used as Elasticsearch will not store the same shards multiple times on a node.

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Thankyou for the reply than how to create
another node
Do we need another instance?
For the second node?
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If you want more than one node you will need additional instances.

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What should be the setting of that node in elasticsearch.yml
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The most important settings are described here.

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