Create document in couchdb from kibana


I want to create document in couchdb from kibana dashboard.
I have CouchDB that connect with elasticsearch and logstash to kibana and all the documents received.

I want to be able to have a button or markdown in kibana dashboard that create document in CouchDB (via POST command or js for example).

Is it possible to send POST command (or by other way) to create CouchDB db?


You'd probably have to write a custom visualization plugin. You can watch a webinar on how to do that here:

We are also in the process of formalizing a more generic approach to embedding anything inside a dashboard, but it's still a work in progress, and will likely undergo significant changes, so I wouldn't recommend anything above light exploration towards this second option. If you want to take a look though you can start with the initial PR -

Otherwise, there is no built in way to do what you are asking.

Thanks a lot
I'll create new plugin

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