Create field form file name


Note: Running ELK 7.10.1

I am trying to generate a new field using Grok, by extracting data from the file name.

File name comes from "path".

path => "/opt/app_logs/*.log"



Grok filter:

grok {
    match => { "path" => "ip_block-%{HOSTNAME:Device}-%{DATA}.log" }
    tag_on_failure => []



The result it's almost what I need, but for some reason is including part of the date next to the hostname.

The desired result should be just: hgTest.Dev1test

Any idea about what could I be doing wrong?

The regex for HOSTNAME doesn't work for that format in your data. You can see that here.

If you can't find another pattern that will work then just ip_block-%{DATA:Device}-%{DATA:Date}.log will.

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Thank you @aaron-nimocks . Solution provided worked like charm!! :yum: :+1:


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