Create generic BoolQueryDescriptor with a generic type

Forgive me im new to Elasticsearch, NEST and dont really code in C# much. Im looking to create a helper class that i can store all my NEST descriptor helper functions in but im getting some errors in the code format. Its complaining about the T generic type param. I want to be able to use this method and pass any class into the method.

I realize this is more of a C# question but thought it may be an easy one to ask here for a faster response..

public static class DescriptorHelpers
	public static T BoolQueryHelper<BoolQueryDescriptor>(this BoolQueryDescriptor<T> b)
            b.Must(m => m.Match(mm => mm.Field("myField").Query("help")));

            return b;

And use the method like so..

var response = client.Search<Models.MyModel>(s => s.Index("myIndex"), s.Query(q => q.BoolQueryHelper(...)))

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