Create index in elasticsearch for a file in S3 bucket

(Bharath Varre) #1


Is it possible to create an index just for one file in a S3 bucket?

Also,is it possible to change the type or tag based on the file name in the bucket.

Thank you.

(Mike Simos) #2


You could use Logstash's s3 input to create your index:

(Bharath Varre) #3

Hello Mike,

I used the S3 input, but it takes all the files in the bucket. I would like to index just one of the n-files in the buckets.

(Mike Simos) #4


Can you try using a prefix which matches only the file you want and see if that works:

(Bharath Varre) #5

That doesn't work either.

Thank you.

(system) #6