Create index to HDFS from ElasticSearch


I want to index the data from HDFS and show to the kibana.
Actaully elastic and kibana are working in locally directory, but can I search from HDFS JSON files?? How??


Thanks but what i need is store the data and index there like a gateway, but i have readed its deprecated, so i dont need a snapshop or restore.

Wich plugin and configuration i need??

Many thanks

You need to write a process which will read your data from HDFS, transform to JSON then send to elasticsearch.
Or you can use es-hadoop to do it.

Data needs to be indexed into elasticsearch before you can use Kibana.

I'd suggest looking at this video:

Might help.

Actually i need index the data from HDFS and store the data and index also into HDFS, is posible??? i dont want store any file into local filesystem.

I read Gateway but is just to store metadata.


You could may be mount an HDFS file system on your machine and put your indices in it but it's absolutely not recommended!

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Yeah I'd definitely stay away from that.

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