Create index with org.elasticsearch.client

How do I use the org.elasticsearch.client.* to create an ES index? Do I need to, or can I name theme with * in their names and have them automatically created by ES?

I'm using Flink + Elasticsearch to stream data into the ES index. However, I'm indexing geopoints, and have would like to split all inserts into index-per-day. So I'm trying to do something like this:

import org.elasticsearch.action.admin.indices.exists.indices.IndicesExistsRequest;
import org.elasticsearch.action.index.IndexRequest;
import org.elasticsearch.client.Requests;

// ...

HashSet<Date> haveRun = new HashSet<>(2);
Consumer<Date> checkIndex = (Date date) -> {
            if (haveRun.contains(date)) return;

            IndicesExistsRequest req = Requests.indicesExistsRequest(String.format("sessions_{}", date));
            // SOMETHING

to be called on every event. But I'm having trouble finding docs for how to do it? (The //SOMETHING part)

Also, can I do this in some better manner? It's pretty unclear IMO, when the request actually fires.

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