Create metricset failed

Help!! I git clone the beats source codes, and cd into the metricbeat to execute 'make create-metricset', then failed:

icaruswu@icaruswu-B460MDS3H:~/go/src/beats/metricbeat$ make create-metricset
mage createMetricset
warn: failed to upgrade pip (ignoring): failed to run "/home/icaruswu/go/src/beats/build/ve/linux/bin/pip install -U pip: fork/exec /home/icaruswu/go/src/beats/build/ve/linux/bin/pip: no such file or directory"Error: failed to run "/home/icaruswu/go/src/beats/build/ve/linux/bin/pip install -U wheel: fork/exec /home/icaruswu/go/src/beats/build/ve/linux/bin/pip: no such file or directory"
make: *** [Makefile:8:create-metricset] 错误 1


Could you please confirm that you use Python 3?
Also you can remove /home/icaruswu/go/src/beats/build/ve/ and try again (with python 3 installed).

More about python deps:


I got the solution. I use Ubuntu20.04 and I'm surely confirm that I use Python3 cause I checked a lot. Then I executed 'apt-get install python3-venv', the issue solved. Could u pls tell me the reason?

The command you were trying to execute seems to has python3-venv as a requirement, this is the reason.

It was our fault that python part is not linked to the dev guide. There is an open patch to fix this!


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