Create new field in ES and backfill it with data

We have ElasticSearch index that stores large dataset. I need to add two new fields to ES index and backfill values for these fields from Redshift. My question is how can I achieve this? What is the best approach: change existed ES scheme by adding 2 new fields or create new index with all needed fields. I am new to ES, so any suggestions, ideas will be helpful.

Lets say you have the two new fields x and y and each document in the current index had the id ID. If you added x and y to the current index, could you match backfilled values to their relevant ids?

Yes, I thought I can be able to match them. My ElasticSearch has , for example, 2 fields:"A", "B". I would like to add two more fields "C" and "D".
My Redshift table has fields "A", "C" and "D". So I want to copy fields "C" and "D" from Redshift to ES. Both Redshift and ES have "A" field in common.

You need to reindex. And because you need to reindex all I’d recommend reindexing in a new index.

If you are using aliases which is a good practice, just switch the alias to the new index and drop the old index.

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