Create New Index for Line Plot

On Kibana 6.2.3, I am receving json records that look like "{"A_1":1234}","{"A_2":5678}", etc. I would like to change these - in order to plot them - to "{"A":"1","V":1234}", "{"A":"2","V":5678}, ... . I've been experimenting with scripted field, but with not much luck. Any help would be appreciated.

Your best option here is going to be to change the format which the data is stored in to best represent how you want to access it. Even if you were able to get a scripted field to work, it's going to be highly inefficient due to it needing to read each document.

You can re-index this data using a script tag to achieve the format you want, but will have to update how you're inserting the data. You can also use something like Logstash or Pipelines to modify the data as it's coming into Elasticsearch.

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