Create new index or update existing mapping to dynamic using Java API


Is there an option to create new index using High level REST client with mapping set to dynamic?


May be this:

Note that you have access to the Low Level client from the High Level one with getLowLevelClient().

Thanks David,
For some reason, getLowLevelClient() is not included in the RestHighLevelClient.
I am using version 5.6.3.


Hmmm. True.

So in 5.6.3 you pass a LowLevel client instance to the HL ctor. Which means you probably have it somewhere in your code.

Should be the workaround I think

Hello David,

Is there any road map for the High level? We have just started to use elasticsearch java apis.
We don't want to make double work in low level and few days\weeks port it to high level.
If we can see which features are going to be supported in the high level soon, we will wait.


No. I don’t think there is.

PR from the community is warmly welcomed!

For example, look at this great PR!


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