Create return 409 on non conflict items

We are storing data from wearable devices to ES, and having a weird situation here.

We are 'create'ing the document and we are getting 409(DocumentAlreadyExistsException) when there isn't any existing document at all.

I'm wondering if we can handle issue.

Thanks in advance.

How do you index your documents?
Which exact call?

@dadoonet thanks for the quick response... we used bulk API as below


We are certain that the id is not been created before.

Try GET sleepdata/n1-njsmnfee1f3oh72zg/1447186076

GET sleepdata/n1-njsmnfee1f3oh72zg/1447186076

It give us nothing :frowning: We have looked pretty deeply, but couldn't find the reason. I know there are options on partial update retry_on_conflict, and I'm wondering if we can apply the same to 'create'.

This is not happening every single time, rather sporadically. We usually bulk several thousands documents to different index before we send the api. If that helps to understand better.

We are using ES 1.7.