Create user in Kibana with read only access to indexes


I'm trying to create a new user that has read only access to indexes and its definition.

I start by creating a role, in index privileges i select all index patterns and and as privileges selected read, view_index_metadata, monitor, index. Then in Kibana spaces i grant read on discover, visualize, dashboard, index pattern management, saved object management, timelion and graph. After that create the user with this role

But when the new user logs in, if i go to management and index management, i'd like to see the listing of all indexes, however i get the message the user has no privileges.

Is it possible to do what i want? what privilege am i missing?



thank you for reaching out. when do you get this message and which version of kibana are you using? Tried it with similar permission and it worked.


Hi Matthias, i have Kibana 7.3, elasticsearch 7.3.

After creating the user with those privileges, i log in with that user, go to management, then index management and i would expect to see a listing of all indexes, however i get a message that i dont have privileges. I just need the new user to be able to only see the indexes, not to be able to delete them.


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