Create(Visualize) vertical chart for below scenario

Hi All,

I have a client whose reports are failing from 21:00 PM EST to 03:00 AM EST during the six hour window. I have to create(Visualize) a vertical chart for that particular six hour window and find out how many reports are failing for each day. Please help me on how to create it thanks in advance.


create a scripted field in Kibana where you extract the hour of day from the timestamp of the document.

It would look something like:

Then, you can do a range-search on that new field, where you select only documents in that window:

There's other variations (create a scripted field that returns a boolean if a document is in that window), but that would be the general approach.

thanks @thomasneirynck

But i am unable to see the above in kibana is it available in new version where i am using Version: 5.6.4.
Is there any other way i can do this as i done have enough access to do scripting.

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