Create watchers in kibana

(Anders Börjeson) #1

In Kibana GUI
Management -> Elasticsearch -> Watcher
I created a threshold alert

but I do not understand the conditions, and how they work
Can anyone explain How I shall use the following condition

When max() Of "one of my variables" GROUPED OVER top 5 "Another of my variables" IS ABOVE 1000 for the last 5 minutes

I can not find any information on how to interpret the available conditions.

When max() Of VARIABLE_A ( my guess is that if max value of the variable )
GROUPED OVER top 5 of VARIABLE_B (my guess would be that if VARIABLE_A is greater than VARIABLE_B - something should happen)
but what is "IS ABOVE 1000" - why do we have the possibility of setting 2 limits

So if someone can explain how to use the condition section - it would be great


(Marius Dragomir) #2

This page has examples that should be able to help you:

(Anders Börjeson) #3

Thanks Marius

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